1) Marketing Strategic of Financial Services by Islamic Banks.
Author Details: Malik Shahzad Shabbir-International Islamic University

the aim of this study is to explore and pinpoint some marketing strategies issues which can be helpful for new investors and old stakeholders in the sector of Islamic banking in Pakistan, In order to penetrate successfully in the market. The research problem of this study is to investigate that what can be suitable and effective marketing strategies for Islamic Banking in Pakistan? Our target groups are those Islamic banks and standalone Islamic bank branches that are currently working in Pakistani market and those who are interested in exploring the Pakistani market. There has come a swift transition in the financial services in the world including Pakistan. A new mode of banking, such as Islamic banking has been introduced and accepted widely in many countries of the world including Pakistan. Our study has portrayed the current situation for Islamic banking in Pakistan by investigating the current competition of the industry using porter five forces model and at using PEST analysis macro level. We have analyzed that the competition is very high in the industry and Islamic banks could take more market shares by introducing the more innovative products with less price as compared to conventional banks and by widen up their branch network to all small and big cities of Pakistan.
Keywords: marketing strategies, stakeholders, penetrate, innovative products
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2) An Investigation on Fruits Consumption among Children Under 5 Years: Evidence from Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality, Ghana.
Author’s Details: (1)Nana Ama Boansi Boakye, (2)Irene Darkwa (3)Mary McArthur-Floyd
1, 2 & 3Department of Hospitality Management, Takoradi Polytechnic, Takoradi, Ghana.

Nutritionist and other health professionals have long recognized the importance of establishing healthful nutrition practices during childhood and early adolescence. Diet and exercise pattern adopted during these development years set the stage for lifelong habit that can mean the difference between vitality and infirmity in later years. This purpose of the study was to assess the consumption of fruits among children in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem municipality of Ghana. The study adopted a descripto-explanatory study design covering a stratified sample of 85 drawn from 165 parents/wards of children under five (5) years in the Takwa-Nsuaem Municipality, Ghana. A self–administered questionnaire was used to collect data. The data was analyzed through descriptive statistics. The study achieved a response rate of 83.75%. From the findings, most of the respondents had knowledge on the health benefits of fruits and more than half of the respondents served fruits to their children in the form of cut, whole, juice and blended or mashed.
Key words: Children under 5 years, fruit consumption, health, malnutrition, nutrition, stratified sampling

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3) The Strategic Role Of The Internal Audit In Assisting Firms Achieve Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Study Of Organisations In Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana.
Author’s Details: (1)John N. E. Baiden, (2)Yaa Pokuaa Baiden, (3)Charles Ayariga
(1)(3)Department of accountancy, Takoradi Polytechnic, Box 256, Takoradi, Ghana (2)Department of Pharmacy, Takoradi Hospital, Takoradi, Ghana.

every organisation seeks prosperity and survival and the key to this is to be competitive in every aspect of an organisations value-chain and value-network system. In a current business landscape that is characterized by”cataclysmic” events and trends whose impact could wipe out the very existence of organisations in seconds, organisations must employ all strategic tools, initiatives and capabilities to confront and defeat their nemesis within their environment. One secret weapon possess by organisations is the internal audit department. Organisations expect the department to rise up from its shell and equip itself with lethal modern strategic armory and warfare to lead and drive organisations to conquer all adversaries. Is the internal audit strategically positioned and equipped for this new paradigm? This study seeks answers to these questions by studying the strategic contribution of internal audit department to the competitive drive of organisations. The study employed factor analysis which is a multivariate data analysis tool to model the internal audit’s strategic role that exists in organizations in the Western Region, Ghana. The study revealed that the internal audit department within the organisations under study are well positioned and capable of leading their organisations competitive drive if given the necessary resources and support from management.
Keywords: Strategy, internal audit, competitive advantage, factor analysis, principal component-factoring, sekondi-takoradi.
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