1) Business Education Students Attendance and Effective Classroom Management.
Author Details: Adaku Ngozi Achilike, Department of Vocational and Technology Education, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State – Nigeria

Poor students’ academic performance and misconducts of various degrees in schools have been attributed to poor classroom attendance by both teachers and students. This is more obvious in Business Education classes that often require skill mastery. Students and teachers have been blamed for shortcomings on class attendance as well as the attendant poor academic performance and misconducts. Classroom, as a place for enhancement of teaching/learning provides safety of movement of persons, books, equipment and tools meant for students and teacher activities. The paper addressed the topic under the subheadings of: concept of classroom, institutional stigma, time management, attendance and the way forward. Taking advantage of the numerous types and styles of design was observed as a good way of ensuring proper classroom management for greater result necessitated by the specific resources required for specific lessons. Course demanding skills and those requiring pedagogy would use different types while decorations could create calming effect on students and impact positively on the future projection for the virtual classroom.
Keywords: Classroom, Skill, Class control measures, Attendance, Feedback, Participation, Management
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