1) Critical Value in Expanding the Span of Control in an Educational Institution as Organization.
Author Details: Adaku Ngozi Achilike-Department of Vocational and Technology Education, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State – Nigeria

This article examined the values derivable from expanding the span of control in the management of an organization.  In his contribution, Henry Fayol did not lose sight of the importance (values) attached to this and suggested that for a manager to be effective and efficient in controlling the subordinates working  with/under him or her, span of control should be expanded and restricted to what is mentally possible for the manager.  The study made a comparison on the relationship between span of control and managerial efficiency in a work place.  Interestingly, empirical studies using mathematical models were extensively discussed including factors determining the span of control of a manager.  The uses of the span of control were also not left out.  Above all, implications of the span of control for managers were revealed while segregated narrow span of control was advocated for educational institutions for better service delivery to the society.
Keywords: Control, Management, Motivation, Segregated, Interaction, Management by Objective, Span of control

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