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To Be or Not to Be - A Suicide Solution? A Case in Point


Herbert Sherman , Hector Dominguez ,

Download Full PDF Pages: 27-36 | Views: 305 | Downloads: 77 | DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7019918

Volume 11 - May 2022 (05)


This case depicts the issues managers and Companies face when dealing with a suicidal employee.  In this case, Joseph Vasquez, a local Operations Manager for the Presentations team of WorldBest Investment Bank (a pseudonym) receives an e-mail from one of his San Francisco based employees, Charles Bronstein, in which he reveals that he has been dealing with a severe case of insomnia during the past few weeks.  The situation is so extreme that he has contemplated suicide.  Joseph has to act fast making sure he does everything in his power to mitigate this situation and hopefully achieve a happy conclusion to this issue.  The goal is to show the perspectives of both the manager and Human Resources for a company when dealing with issues pertaining to suicide.  A teaching note follows which provides a case summary, a manager’s and HR’s perspective of the situation as well as lessons learned.


To Be or Not to Be, A Suicide Solution


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