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Comparative Analysis of Patient Satisfaction between Private and Public Hospital


Francis Ayiah , Michael Asirifi Kwabena , Mohammed Sherif ,

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Volume 5 - October 2016 (10)


he Health of the individuals in a nation contributes to the Wealth and Good of the nation. Health care (or healthcare) is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness and other physical and mental impairments in human. Quality in health can be explained as the difference between patient expectations and perceptions; expectation means service provider performance during deliverance of services whereas perception is measurement of delivery by the service provider. The study comparesthe patients satisfaction between private and public hospital”. The study was limited to Bawku Presbyterian hospital and Case Medical Centre in the Upper East Region of Ghana. The researcher use only primary source of data.
The objective was to compare the relationships between patients and medical staffs in public and private hospitals.To determine if there are difference in the diagnostic service in public and private hospitals and evaluate the difference in diagnostic facilities in public and private hospitals.The research used convenience sampling technique in the sample selection. Independent sampling T-test was the main analytical tool used in analysing the data. Findings indicate that, the private hospital delivers quality healthcare than the public hospital. And it was recommended that The management of public hospital  and private hospital should provide enough diagnostic facilities and ensure the proper maintenance of the existing ones. They also improve on the relationship they have with their patients. This would also reduce the negative perceptions patient’s holds in both hospitals in the municipality


Hospital, Healthcare,Relationship, Diagnostic service,Diagnostic facilities


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