Impact of Globalization on Family Structure


Abeeha Imran ,

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Volume 3 - October 2014 (10)


This paper identifies the effects of globalization on family structures and how they changing due to it. Globalization effects every sphere of our lives and it has affected the families to a great extent. Nuclear families have increased and the concept of extended/large or joint families is reducing or diminishing. Globalization is increasing the materialism in families and giving birth to individualistic families. It has some positive effects like it has made communication between the members of a family living far away easier, access to knowledge has increased and the choices for people /consumers has also increased. All these positivities have benefited families but the impact of negativities is huge on families. The traditional functions of a family and how it establishes the base of the society is also discussed in this paper. The changes in these traditional functions of a family due to globalization have also been outlined. Increased trade have increased growth but how it has lead to collapse of many small units leading to jobless employees which has a trickle-down effect on the family structure making their economic conditions worse


Globalization, Family Structure


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