Liposcope Expermients


Gangadhara Rao Irlapati ,

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Volume 4 - December 2015 (12)


I first started the researches in 1963-65 @ 5 to 7 years age with little instruments such as papers and pencils, water drop etc. and invented the light spot scope (Liposcope). Liposcope is a simple but wonderful instrument which functions with a natural doctrine hidden secretly in the function of the eye which can help to find out some inventions and discoveries like biolumicells, bioforecast effect etc, Liposcope is my first invention. Construction: Take one small glass/steel ball or water drop on an object and stand in sun the light. Expose the ball/drop to the sun rays. As a result of the sun rays, there will be a light spot in the drop/ball. Place the light spot closely to the eye. The light spot apperars many times bigger as a circular screen. The appearance in the screen of light spot is the surface of the eyeball. This can be proved by moving eyelids, the movement of eyelids, eye water and some bioluminescent particles on the eyeball can be observed in the screen of light spot.Principle: The principle of the lisposcope  is that the eye lens changes its focal length from a minimum distance to the object  at infinity and can see the object. If the distance decreases below minimum, the clarity of vision decreases. At this position, the eye lens acts as a simple microscope and form virtual images of all objects in front of it. We can see them on the screen of light spot if place just unside its minimum distance.




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