A ‘SACRED-BOURN’ OF 2500 YEARS: The Culture of ‘Do Ecology’


Tapas Pal ,

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Volume 3 - March 2014 (03)


Culture of ‘do Ecology’ is the pathway of environmental refurbishment. It means meeting the need of the current and future generation without ecological harm. To maintain this we have to search out different Green-gateways through which we can reach a sustainable environment. But actually human’s nature has molded to demand and more demand and we forget the health of the environment. To grip the resources we are moving and steeping forward from chilly Poles to interior ‘Aowa’ tribe area of Amazon and the actual frame of environment is being deteriorating. So in this phase we have needed some revamp measures and should be given our patient on traditional sciences like Scared Bourn. Author would like to maintain the health of environment with the application and implication of traditional science like Sacred Bourn through this paper.


‘do ecology’, traditional science, Sacred Bourn, ‘Aowa’ tribe, green-gateways


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