Exploring Alternative Sources Of Financing Secondary Schools In Nigeria For Sustainable National Development.A Study Of Secondary Schools In Kogi State Nigeria


Oguche Monday Damian , Mohammed Sani Haroun Ph.D ,

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Volume 6 - March 2017 (03)


This study was carried out to explore alternative sources of funding secondary schools in Nigeria, a study of secondary schools in Kogi State, Nigeria. The study discussed the concept of Education financing, the concept of secondary school, importance of finance in the management of schools, available sources of fund for secondary schools, and the limitation of these sources. It also discussed reasons for alternative sources of funding in secondary schools in Kogi state,. The study identified alternative sources of funding secondary schools   to include special education co-operatives, reinvigorating private sector participation in funding education, establishment of community schools, and direct investment by secondary schools and aid from donor agencies.


Education, Financing, Education finance, alternative sources of financing, Secondary schools,   Kogi State.


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